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Some people have to travel hundreds of miles to seek out the joys of the SUN others


might spend thousands of dollars for a pool and have some FUN IN THE SUN. We all


have a idea in our minds eye what  FUN IN THE SUN is  no matter what it is. Which I


think we all should have.


The Bible tells us in Philippians 4: 11 Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have


learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.


As I read this passage of scripture it brought to my memory, about a summers day that I was with a friend, we were at his church going to unload some furnaces while we were waiting, we observed two little boys (ages 2-3 years old) having a time of their lives playing in their FUN IN THE SUN swimming pool. Which just happened to be a little mud puddle near the driveway. Boy were they having fun diving, jumping pretending they were Olympic swimmers. Mud and water flying everywhere. They were acting like they just paid a thousand dollars to go to Florida or some fancy place to go swimming.

My friend looked over to me and we both laughed and about the same time with big grins on our faces we said,” do you remember doing that “? We both responded with a big smile and said, “what a time it was”. Then the mom came out and boy was she surprised to see what was going on. I imagine she was wondering how in the world she was going to get these mud drenched boys into the house.

These two young boys were content with what they had and enjoyed what they had.

  We get so busy in our lives we sometimes forget the simple things in it. The young boys will never know the how they touched some old boys that day.

   As spring is around the corner and summer gets closer, let us remember to be content and have a wonderful time with what we have. Oh! And don’t forget to let the little boy or girl that is still inside of you have some FUN IN THE SUN. As a dear elderly lady had once said to me,” It’s awful to be this 21 year old in this Eighty-year-old body. See our mind really never gets old.


                                                                            Rev. Paul Rabich


I'am real suprised of the response to this article: If anyone would like to respond to this please do so or if anyone has a similar story I would be glad to hear about it and I bet others would also.

It is always good to let someone know how you or I were touched by someone, or something.

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